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All living creatures have to cope with environmental
demands and threats that challenge their physical
or emotional homeostasis.

Hi, we are Klodiana-Daphne Tona, Steven van der Werff , and Marieke Tollenaar,


Stress and emotion, two important pillars of human life, constitute a research field that excites us tremendously. Stress plays an important role in human life and it comes as no surprise that this field has attracted the attention of the general public and many researchers within the LIBC. The neuronal, hormonal, biological and developmental mechanisms underlying stress, & emotion in human and other species are only some of the subtopics hosted under the overarching umbrella of this hotspot.

We aim to make the LIBC-stress & emotion hotspot a platform that unites researchers working on similar topics, and turn it into a podium that promotes knowledge, active discussions and interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition-Stress & Emotion
Clinical Psychology Unit
Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences 
Wassenaarseweg 52 
2333 AK Leiden 
The Netherlands 

Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition-Stress & Emotion
Department of Psychiatry
Leiden University Medical Center
Albinusdreef 2
2333 ZA Leiden
The Netherlands


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